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Seek Cricket Snack Bites - Banana PB+J

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Taste the protein of the future with Seek Cricket Snack Bites. Crickets are highly nutritious, super sustainable, and as you'll soon find out, amazingly delicious. We blend cricket flour with a variety of nuts, dried fruit, and spices to make tasty, bite-sized morsels for a quick boost of energy throughout the day.

The Banana PB + J takes our crickets back to their youth for the ultimate nostalgic bite. We use raisins, peanuts, and bananas to create this updated, healthy take on a familiar childhood favorite. 

Net weight: 4.2oz

Ingredients: golden raisins, peanuts, bananas, dates, cricket flour (acheta domesticus), maple syrup, cinnamon, salt

Allergen Information: Contains peanuts. If you have a crustacean shellfish allergy, you may also be sensitive to crickets.